Raw Material Base

The company has a Nucleus Estate spanning 3,600ha and an Outgrower zone spanning 23,500ha. The Outgrower zone encompassesover 67,000 farmers in total. Varieties of sugar cane grown include CO421, CO945, N14, EAK70-97, EAK70-76, KEN 82-472, D84-84, KEN82-808 and KEN83-737. The current sugar cane yields average 80 tones per hectare (TCH), which translate to 90-120 TCH per Plant Crop and 60-80 TCH per Ratoon.

To support the cane production programmes, the company provides extension services to farmers on proper crop husbandry through a network of outreach offices where farmers get information and advice on fertilizer, herbicide and seed cane usage. Weed control is integrated and includes mechanical, manual and chemical interventions.