NSC installs 4mw turbine generator to bolster power supply

The wet scrubbers which could not initially be used due to lack of power are now in use.

By David Mulungwa.


The Company has put into operation a four megawatt turbine generator to supplement the power deficit.

The Company had been supplementing its operations with power supply to the residential estates and the company sponsored schools from Kenya Power, initially Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC).

However, operationalization of turbo generator is a milestone in Nzoia Sugar Company’s efforts towards self-sufficiency in power supply as the company now relies on Kenya Power supply only when it is not in operation and during start-ups.

After running on three megawatts generator since increasing the tonnes of cane produced per day (TCD) from 2000 to 3000 in 1992, the company finally installed the generator. This was done on 26th July this year. The installation of the four megawatt generator will also enable wet scrubbers which could not be used (initially) due to lack of power to be in use. The wet scrubbers remove particular matter from boiler flue gases before emitting them through the chimney: a good practice and a requirement by environmental laws.

This installation is expected to bring array of benefits such as reliable power for operations and domestic use while factory is in operation, improved time efficiency in the factory, reduced Kenya Power bills, reduced sugar production costs, clean flue gas discharge to the environment and more power for Kenya Power customers.