Factory Information

Nzoia Sugar Factory has a capacity of 3000TCD. Cane preparation is done using of one 400 hp cane knife and a 1200hp Fibrisor. Juice extraction is by one Five Mills Tandem. 3 bagasse fired boilers (27 tons/hour (two) and 54 tons per hour (one) generate steam of 25 bar / 350 Centigrade.

Power generation is through a single 3MW Turbo generator with a 2nd Turbo generator under installation.

Factory Maintenance

Factory Maintenance is key to our smooth operations and product quality

  • Daily inspections are carried out as necessary and steps taken to ensure continuity.
  • An annual equipment maintenance schedule for all key equipment is in place and is followed to schedule maintenance jobs. This is developed in line with manufacturers recommendations.

Factory operations being on 24 hour per day basis, the factory closes down for about 24 hours every two weeks for equipment cleaning and maintenance.

Major equipment servicing is done once every year for a period of 4 – 6 weeks.

During this time;

1)    Mill rollers are renewed; turbines and centrifugal serviced in consultations with the original equipment manufacturers, worn out parts in other equipment are renewed.

2)    Weighbridges and other weighing scales are serviced, calibrated and stamped by Department of Weights and Measures.

3)    Boilers, pressure vessels and lifting equipment are inspected and certified for operation by Approved Government Inspectors.

Environmental audits are carried out annually and recommendations implemented to ensure safe and conducive production environment and quality products.

Factory Laboratory Operations

The laboratory has the main function of monitoring the quality of the final product through in line process checks. These checks are carried out at various stages of sugar manufacturing to ensure that the intermediate product of every stage attains the desired quality characteristics.

To manage the Quality control system the management has ensured that the quality checks are carried out promptly and as per the laid down procedures.

We have schedules which determine the frequency of sampling of various materials and the tests carried out on these samples. Every shift has a team of qualified personnel who ensure proper sampling and the analysis is done properly.

All the records of samples and analysis done are recorded in log books and log sheets for ease of retrieval. The accuracy of the analytical results is confirmed by spot checks carried out by the team on general shift. The outcomes of the analytical results are used in various calculations such as the pol balancing and hence the production report making.

The laboratory prepares and distributes the daily, weekly, and monthly production reports. These reports are distributed to the relevant managers. These reports capture the key parameters that need close monitoring on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to enable decision making basing on facts.

The Nzoia Sugar Company Ltd Laboratory works in liaison with other external laboratories to complement and check its analysis.

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