Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate entity, the company has invested and is involved in the following CSR projects


Support of various learning institutions, most notably; Nzoia Sugar Company Primary school, Nzoia Industrial primary School, Nzoia Girls’ Secondary School, Nzoia Industrial boy’s Secondary School and 2 Pre-Unit Schools.

The Company offers free voluntary counselling and testing to the neighbouring communities from its VCT centre as a means of combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The Company maintains a vast network of roads infrastructure within the sugarcane zone.

NSC natures agro-forestry nurseries where seedlings are sold to farmers at subsidized prices.

NSC has developed several water points to provide clean drinking water to neighbouring schools and communities.

Nzoia FC



Nzoia Sugar Company is a producer of the sweetest Kenyan sugar in the republic of Kenya and a source of livelihood to residents of Bungoma County. The company provides employment directly and indirectly to millions of residents.

The Nzoia Community is an integral part of the Company since it is the main source of resources that provide us with the capacity to operate smoothly in different levels.

In a bid to give back to the community, the company has a CSR policy, which provides a guideline for implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) undoubtedly plays a critical role in ensuring that part of Nzoia Sugar Company’s income is ploughed back to the community in various ways as captured in the company’s CSR policy document.

Nzoia Sugar Company has specifically carried out its CSR programs through critical areas such as education, health, infrastructure development, environment, Youth Development and sports, emergencies and donations among others


Health is a very important sector that has been emphasized by the corporate CSR committee and is being implemented accordingly.

At Nzoia Sugar Company, we understand that in order to fulfil our mandate, we require a healthy community. This is because we derive our raw material and labour from the local community.

Nzoia Sugar Company also runs a clinic and provides the company ambulance to serve the community during emergencies.

We also offer HIV Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Abuse services in the community by offering free;

  • HIV Awareness and sensitization programmes
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing services
  • Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission services
Nzoia Sugar Company LTD clinic


Education being a vital role in the development of our economy has effectively been boosted through our CSR initiatives towards the neighbouring communities.

The Company has gone a long way in rebuilding infrastructure in the neighbouring schools as well as support other educational ventures in various schools.

The company also sponsors two secondary schools, two primary schools and two nursery schools situated within the company premises. (Nzoia Girls’ Secondary School, Nzoia Industrial Boys’ Secondary School, Nzoia Primary, Nzoia Industrial Primary, Nzoia & Industrial Nursery Schools). The institutions have been critical in producing energetic personalities that have been sought after by NSC and other organizations due to their professional competence after completion of higher education.

This education support program according to the Company management has played a key role in cementing the working relations between the organization and the neighbouring community. The community has on its part stated its stand to work harmoniously with the Company, ensure it realizes its goals, and boost education standards by providing the much needed education facilities.

The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Nzoia Sugar Company Ltd wishes to thank the members of the Nzoia community and all stakeholders for their continued support.


We construct, repair and maintain roads and bridges for easier accessibility to our farmers within the Nzoia Sugar belt.

Through this dispensation, the company has been taking part in grading and gravelling kilometres of roads in the sugar belt as well as installing and maintaining several culvert lines, all in a bid to improve the drainage systems.

The Company has also collaborated with the Sugar Board, County government and communities to construct several permanent bridges in the sugar belt to shorten farm to weighbridge distances. 


Nzoia Sugar Company is also involved in environmental conservation activities. In pursuit of the same, several interventions have been put in place such as afforestation among others.

Through our afforestation program, we sell tree seedlings to local cane farmers, women and youth groups, schools and other public institutions for planting at subsidized prices.

The company also distributes tree seedlings free during tree planting exercises to support environmental conservation exercises in our community.

As part of support to the National Tree planting Campaign, the company has set aside 10,000 tree seedlings for distribution to local schools and institutions for this purpose.


Nzoia Sugar Company has developed several water points and boreholes to provide clean drinking water to neighboring schools and communities within the sugar belt.

We also have various locations of spring water where the community can access easily. The company also supplies clean drinking water to neighbouring institutions/community in line with the company CSR policy.


We are very passionate about the development of the youth in the community within which we operate. We support youth development by sponsoring youth development initiatives.

Nzoia Sugar Company has also invested in the nurturing and growing of local sporting talent by fully sponsoring the Nzoia FC football team. The team consists of young talented men from the local community.

The team has been performing quite well and recently received a Bus donated partly by Hon Eugene Wamalwa and friends and the company. The Bus was handed over by the president in a handling over ceremony which saw the president also gift the team Ksh. 2 million.

Apart from giving the young men a source of livelihood, the company is nurturing their talent, which may enable them to be professional football players in future.


We sponsor various events that will contribute to the growth and development of our community as well as donate towards needy causes and emergencies.

Notable sponsorship and donations projects facilitated by our CSR program:

  • Donations towards the Kenya paraplegic Organization (KPO).
  •  Sponsorship of the ‘Kenya freedom from hunger walk’.
  • Several donations to the Red Cross over the years in support of several needy cases in the country.
  •  Donation towards the ‘Kenyans for Kenya initiative’ in West Pokot and Turkana.
  •  Sponsorship of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  •  Donation towards the ‘Uganda mudslide victims’ in Bududa District.
  •  Sponsorship of the ‘World Aids Day’.
  •  Sponsorship of the Kenya National Union of Teachers Bungoma East Branch.
  • Donations towards the Beyond Zero Half Marathons championed by the First Lady.
  • Donations towards payment of school fees for young needy students.
  • Donations towards families affected by Floods and Covid-19.

Nzoia Sugar Company,
P.O. Box 285 – 50200 Bungoma.
Mobile: 0727-477777/ 0727-483483

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