ISO Re-certification

NSC is on the transition process from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015, an indication of the Company’s competence in rendering quality services that match internationally accredited and accepted standards.


The company successfully re-branded and unveiled new branded sugar in quantities of 2Kg,1Kg,1/2Kg and 1/4Kg.

The Diamond Mark of Quality

NSC was awarded the Diamond Mark of Quality by Kenya Bureau of Standards for producing high quality Brown sugar which meets international standards in a hygienic environment

Gold Medal Award

The Company’s workforce is motivated, trained and focused on delivery of quality services. This was recognized internationally when NSC received the Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Business Practice (FEBP) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Super Brand

Following a successful re-branding exercise, Nzoia Sugar Company attained the Super brand status in a survey that was conducted by London based “The Center for Brand Analysis” (TCBA) and Africa’s research firm (TNSRMS). A super brand is a name that represents quality, reliability and distinction

Nzoia Sugar Company,
P.O. Box 285 – 50200 Bungoma.
Mobile: 0727-477777/ 0727-483483

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